This page is dedicated to Flyn, our Rory's litter brother

Flyn was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma in December 2005.
John and his wife, Beryl, had three more precious months with Flyn
until the sad time came when they had to say "Goodbye" to their boy.

We hope these photos reflect Flyn's charming and loveable character.
They were taken just three weeks before he went to the Rainbow Bridge.

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John sitting with Flyn

John with his beloved Flyn

Flyn sitting
Flyn sitting
Flyn sitting

Head shot of Flyn
Head shot of Flyn
Head shot of Flyn

Flyn lying down

Flyn and Rory

Brothers ... Flyn and Rory

Goodnight Flyn

Goodnight Flyn ... sleep well

7th August 1998 - 13th March 2006

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