Our secret bluebell wood in May
Tierney was exactly eighteen months old when these photos were taken

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Tierney lying amongst the primroses and bluebells

Tierney in the spring flowers

Tierney standing facing left
Tierney standing facing right

Tierney posing in the bluebell wood

Tierney peeping through the fork of a tree

"I hope they don't want me to climb this darn tree!"

Tierney amidst the bluebells

Our lovely blue "Belle"

Tierney surrounded by bluebells and a posy of primroses

Surrounded by bluebells and a tiny posy of primroses

Tierney lying on some wooden sleepers

Tierney lying on some wooden sleepers

Tierney standing in the grass
Tierney lying in the grass

Tierney in the long grass

Breege, Rory and Tierney in Jan's bluebell wood

Another day ... another bluebell wood!
Breege, Rory and Tierney sitting quietly amongst the bluebells
at the end of an energetic and muddy walk!

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